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Vice President - Strategy

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.

Taguig, Metro Manila, PH, 1634

Posted:  Nov 17, 2021

Here at Aboitiz, success means winning together to shape a better future for people, planet, and profit. As we embrace innovation, we grow diverse industries and shape the country’s future. We create careers without boundaries for those who inspire their teams to rise with them. When you work at Aboitiz, you are part of a family committed to advancing business and communities.

Job Mission/Purpose

The Strategy Team is responsible for supporting the BOD in portfolio strategy decisions and in supporting targeted SBUs in the development of SBU strategies.

Portfolio-level strategy: Support the BOD in making portfolio or "market choices" - entry and exit - including in new and existing markets and through vari ous channels (e.g., wholly-owned, JV, investment fund) taking into account shifts in technology, customer preferences, evolution of business models.

SBU-level strategy: Support SBUs within their market to identify and understand developments in technology, preferences and regulations and the impact of these on strategy, prospects, priorities. Help SBUs spot, assess and take decisions on new opportunities.

Provide advice and analysis to senior decision-makers on a range of critical business development  and capital allocation decisions: Support executives through analysis and with real-time assessments at AEV and across the group as they take critical decisions on investments, how to respond to competitor actions, regulatory shifts, etc.

Contacts/Network Requirement

Internal: Aboitiz Group SBU/s
Internal: SBU Mancom
External: Business Partners


Formulate strategic plans and strategic initiatives
a)    Spot changes/ trends in markets and assess impact on AEV and SBUs and new opportunities.
b)    Develop/analyze options and responses to changes in collaboration with SBUs and key stakeholders.
c)    Develop/ analyze new opportunities considered attractive by BOD.
d)    Act as adviser to CEO on market changes

Support Strategy execution
a)    Facilitate execution of strategy in support of and in collaboration with Executive Team members.
b)    Put in place monitoring measures, including on "input metrics", to drive performance and progress towards strategic goals.
c)    Create a business and organizational dashboard for impact and

Run Strategy Process
a)    Lead AEV's portfolio strategy planning exercise
b)    Introduce ideas and new approaches to setting strategy at AEV and SBUs and streamlining the process over time
c)    Coordinate annual strategy exercise (in coordination with budgeting process)
d)    Facilitate ongoing strategy dialogue at AEV and SBU level

Manage special projects
a)    Handle specific projects related to strategy where needed, at Portfolio and SBU level
b)    Support review of investments from strategy perspective
c)    Capture innovations and new knowledge created internally, and share throughout the organization where relevant

Supervise modelling of strategic impact of various initiatives
a)    Modelling capital available
b)    Modelling impact of strategic initiatives on SBUs
c)    Modelling impact of various market changes, trends

Development of initiatives
a)    Size market opportunity
b)    Assess competitive situation
c)    Assess internal capabilities
d)    Assess best way forward to capture opportunity
e)    Review of potential transactions/ JVs / acquisition opportunities

Advisory support to Senior executives across the Group
a)    Support senior executives in responding to developments in regulation, competitor behavior, exogenous shocks
b)    Conduct focused, concise analysis to inform decisions
c)    Anticipate and monitor developments in critical forums and across critical stakeholders
d)    Develop new tools and approaches for gathering market information and competitor intelligence, and providing insights

a)    Lead project teams on tasks mentioned above
b)    Provide coaching and mentoring of other Strategy and SBU team members

Additional Responsibilities

Key Performance Metrics


I.A. Leadership (Establishing Direction): Strategic Thinking
I.B. Leadership (Establishing Direction): Business Acumen
I.C. Leadership (Establishing Direction): Planning
I.D. Leadership (Establishing Direction): Analytical Thinking
I.E. Leadership (Establishing Direction): Innovation
I.F. Leadership (Building Commitment): Catalyzing Teams
I.G. Leadership (Building Commitment): People Development
I.H. Leadership (Building Commitment): Communication
I.I. Leadership (Building Commitment): Building Partnerships/Networking
I.J. Leadership (Building Commitment): Motivating Others
I.K. Leadership (Ensuring Execution): Customer Focus
I.L. Leadership (Ensuring Execution): Quality Focus
I.M. Leadership (Ensuring Execution): Decision Making
I.N. Leadership (Ensuring Execution): Leading Change
I.O. Leadership (Ensuring Execution): Resilience
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Analytics and Modelling
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Board and CEO Level Advisory Support
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Communication for Influence
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Initiative Development
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Monitoring Strategy Delivery
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Stakeholder Management
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Strategic Framing (Problem-Solving and Structuring)
II. Functional (Corporate Strategy): Synthesis and Insights


Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy

Work Experience

At least 10 years of relevant work experience

License / Certification and Training Requirement

Certified Public Accountant
Chartered Financial Analyst

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